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Emory Acceptance Rate – Important Information for Applicants

Although Emory College might not receive as much attention as some other colleges throughout the US, it’s certainly not a school that should be overlooked.

One look at the alumni list should be enough to make students consider attending Emory. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this private research college has been offering world-class education since its founding.

Established in Oxford, Georgia in 1836, Emory College is one of the 50 oldest private universities and the second-oldest institute of higher learning in the state of Georgia.

The Methodist Episcopal Church actually founded the university and named it after John Emory, a well-known Methodist bishop. The school maintains this religious affiliation, although its course offerings and student demographics point to a rich secular culture.

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If the successes of a college’s alumni are any testament to the university’s merit, then Emory should be up there with the most esteemed universities in the country. Since its inception, Emory has produced 11 congressmen, 9 university presidents, 2 Prime Ministers, 2 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, a US Supreme Court Justice, a US Speaker of the House, and a US Vice President.

Other noteworthy alumni include 6 Pulitzer Prize winners, several CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Emmy Award Winners, Olympic medalists, and several heads of state.

With such an impressive list of alumni, you won’t be surprised to learn that Emory is a selective university. Although the number fluctuates from year to year, the Emory acceptance rate typically hovers around 21.4%. If you feel discouraged by the Emory acceptance rate, we’re here to help.

AdmissionSight has helped countless students overcome challenging admission processes in order to gain admittance to the colleges of their dreams. We’ve put together the following guide to give you the information needed to tackle the Emory acceptance rate.

Successful Applicant Profile

Tens of thousands of students flood the Emory admissions office with applications each year. With an acceptance rate significantly higher than many Ivy League Colleges and a world-class education to match, there’s no wonder why so many high school students are eager to attend the university.

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In total, 30,017 students applied to Emory College to join the Class of 2023. Of this massive group of applicants, only 4,682 students were admitted.

It’s important to keep in mind that Emory College’s admission officers are comprehensive in their assessment of applications.

In other words, your eventual acceptance into the university won’t be dependent on only a few factors. Instead, admission officers will look at your course grades, exam scores, work history, extracurricular activities and programs, academic goals, personal achievements, and more before making a final decision.

Where are the applicants from?

Located near Atlanta, Georgia, Emory College attracts as much diversity as its nearest cosmopolitan city. Students from all different backgrounds, cultures, and geographical locations are represented among the overall student population. As a melting pot of perspectives and ideas, students have a rich, exciting, and meaningful learning opportunity when attending Emory College.

Despite being located in the heart of Georgia, only 17.9% of the overall student body is from Georgia. The rest come from out of the state and out of the country. In fact, there are undergraduate students from 46 states, including Washington D.C. Other than Georgia, some of the states most represented are Florida, California, Texas, and New York.

Emory’s appeal reaches even outside of the country’s borders with 2,448 international students attending the university.

Overall, these students represent around 49 countries. Emory estimates that roughly 17.2% of its student body is comprised of international students. This number is rising at an average rate of 8.1% each year with China being the largest contributor.

The male-to-female ratios are relatively on par with national averages, although Emory College does tend to have a higher representation of women than some colleges.

While there are 2,809 males in the total student body, 4,128 of enrollees are female. This translates to 59% of students being female and the remaining 41% being male. This ratio is somewhat equally reflected when looking at the male-to-female readouts for faculty members.

What are the more common programs?

Emory is well-known for its professional schools, liberal arts college, and for its association with the leading healthcare system in Georgia and one of the best in the country.

These successes don’t keep Emory from succeeding in the rest of its diverse range of course offerings, though. With 73 unique undergraduate degrees focused on 52 different majors within 21 larger fields of study, high school graduates should have trouble finding the right program.

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Some of the most popular majors offered at Emory College are Psychology, Economics, Registered Nursing, Biological Sciences, and Business Administration and Management. Whether you want to pursue a liberal art or STEM subject, you’ll find the programs, majors, courses, and support you need at Emory College.

What is the average SAT/ACT score of admitted students?

The Emory acceptance rate might be higher than some other prestigious universities, but it’s still a highly selective school, making it important to score high on standardized test scores.

Admission officers use ACT and SAT scores to determine which students will perform the best in a college setting. Even if you’re dealing with low grades, you can still secure a spot in the incoming Emory freshmen class by getting excellent grades on the ACT and SAT exams.

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Emory Average SAT Score of Admitted Students

Overall average score: 1395

75th percentile score: 1500

In order for the SAT to help increase your chances of gaining admittance to Emory, you should aim to score above 1500.

Emory Average ACT Score of Admitted Students

Overall average score: 32

75th percentile score: 33

In order for the ACT to help increase your chances of gaining admittance to Emory, you should aim to score above 33

On average, admitted students to Emory College have an unweighted high school GPA of 3.9. This represents a high level of academic proficiency and stresses what kind of students Emory is looking for.

Enrolling in weight courses, like honors or AP classes, when you’re in high school, can make it easier to earn a higher GPA and can also help prepare you for taking standardized exams.

Entry Requirements

One of the most important steps in applying to any college is determining what’s required to gain admittance. As you might have already assumed from the competitive Emory acceptance rate, getting into this university isn’t a breeze.

However, the hard work quite literally pays off with an average starting salary of $43,000 for graduates. This stresses the great education that comes with such a challenging admission process.

The comprehensive approach that admission officers take to decide whether you get admitted or denied to Emory College doesn’t only depend on your standardized test scores and high school grades. While these are critical factors in the final decision, admission officers also consider personal statements, course rigor, extracurriculars, personal statements, and a host of other components.

How much will it cost to attend?

Emory College offers a multitude of different programs for students, each of which come with unique costs. While the exact cost of attendance fluctuates slightly between students based on particular factors, it’s still possible to get an accurate estimate of what attending Emory College will cost overall.

Emory College Average Cost of Attendance

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Direct Loan Fees$80

Don’t worry if these fees seem out of reach due to financial constraints. Emory has always strived to help students and their families overcome these burdens through the administration of financial aid and other forms of monetary support or alleviation.

What financial aid opportunities are available?

Emory College actively encourages students from all walks of life to apply. No matter your family’s economic standing, Emory wants all qualified students to have the opportunity to partake in its renowned education without being held back by financial obstacles.

In this spirit, Emory College offers a competitive and thorough system of financial support. When attending, you could qualify for federal scholarships and grants, Emory institution scholarships and grants, and/or state scholarships and grants. A complete list of available financial aid for Emory can be found on their Official Financial Aid site.

In this spirit of opportunity, Emory is dedicated to meeting 100% of the financial needs of all domestic, accepted students. Their extensive support certainly reflects this mission with $45,696 being the size of an average financial aid package at Emory College.

The total amount of financial aid awarded to undergraduate students (including Oxford College) totals $209.4 million. In addition, 18% of students are awarded federal PELL grants.

What are the application requirements for Emory?

To have your application considered for review and eventual acceptance, you’ll need to have the following items submitted to Emory’s admissions office before the deadlines:

  • $75 non-refundable application fee or a fee waiver
  • Completed Coalition Application
  • Official ACT and/or SAT scores
  • Official high school transcript
  • Recommendation from school counselor/secondary school report
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Mid-year report

You can read further regarding Emory application requirements on their official site.

Those students applying from out of the country are encouraged to visit Emory’s application page for International Students for more detailed information.

AdmissionSight strongly encourages students to review their applications once, twice, or even thrice before hitting the submit button. You’d hate to put all that work into gathering requirements only to realize you’ve missed a few items.

What are the timelines for Emory applications?

Emory College, like many universities, allows students to submit their applications through more than one program. In other words, the exact date you’ll need to have all of your application requirements submitted by will vary depending on what program you choose.

While a vast majority of students opt for Regular Decision, some want to get ahead of the game with Early Decision. Here are the relevant timelines for each:

Early Decision IApplication Deadline: November 1st

Decision Notification: December 15th

Enrollment Reply Date: January 15

Emory University Scholars ProgramApplication Deadline: November 15th

Decision Notification: first half of February

Enrollment Reply Date: varies

Early Decision IIApplication Deadline: January 1st

Decision Notification: February 15th

Enrollment Reply Date: March 1st

Regular DecisionApplication Deadline: January 1st

Decision Notification: April 1st

Enrollment Reply Date: May 1st

What to Expect

Emory University is a lively, vibrant, and perfectly-sized college located just outside of Atlanta. The diversity and excitement that you’d expect to find in this worldly city are reflected in every aspect of Emory.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of programs and courses from which you should have no trouble finding your ideal academic path. Extracurricular life is rich with clubs and groups that are artistic, athletic, explorative, activistic, and much more.

What do students think of life at Emory?

If there’s an accurate measure for student satisfaction, it’s the percentage of first-year students that decide to stay on for a second year. Emory University has one of the highest student retention rates in the US at 93%- – well above the country average which is 68%. Let’s take a look at a review of college life at Emory from a freshman:

“I’m finishing up my first year at Oxford College of Emory University, and I’ve loved it! There’s a strong sense of community that I’ve never felt anywhere else, and all the people are really nice.

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The student body is incredibly smart, while also being down-to-earth, laidback, and cooperative rather than competitive. The education I receive is second to none, and my professors have been extremely insightful, personable, and accommodating. The campus itself is beautiful, with the tree-filled quad, the nature trail, and the new student center.” – Anonymous Emory Freshman 2020

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What academics are offered?

Emory University describes itself as the perfect combination between the nurturing and attention of a small liberal arts college with the opportunities and diverse curriculum of a research university.

Students looking to get the best of both of these worlds will also revel in the fact that Emory’s average class size is around 20 students – making for a very personalized and approachable teaching environment. With 84% of its classes not reaching over 30 students, you’re bound to find this type of setting throughout the university.

What athletic options are available?

Although not known for its athletic offerings, Emory University still has a sports culture that’s relative to its size. Its broad-based athletic program contains 19 varsity sports in which over 400 student-athletes participate.

Women’s golf was the latest team to be added to the long-list of intercollegiate programs, and students are always encouraged to add their own. Emory competes in the NCAA Division III.

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Who are some famous Emory alumni?

Newt Gingrich – 50th Speaker of the US House of Representatives, author, and historian

Rich Bright – American public health official and immunologist working under multiple presidents

Chris McCandless – Adventurer, hiker, and the eventual subject of award-winning book-turned-movie Into the Wild

Do you dream of attending Emory University?

If your answer is yes, we have some great news! The AdmissionSight team has worked with hundreds of students to improve their applications in order to drastically increase their chances of getting into their dream college. Whether you’re looking for help editing your supplemental essays, preparing for AP Exams, or require some personalized academic planning, we can help.

Throughout our years of experience navigating the college admissions process for some of the best schools in the US, we’ve developed the tools, resources, and services necessary to help students overcome admission challenges in pursuit of their academic goals. If you want to learn more about our services and how we can help, please feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation.

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