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Scholastic Aptitude Test - SAT (1)

Sayantani Barman

Study Abroad Expert | Updated On - Mar 6, 2023

SATexam pattern comprises oftwo major sections – Reading &Writing andMaths. Both sections, EBRW and Math, are scored on a range of 200-800.

  • Both sections of EBRW questions are multiple-choice questions
  • Math is divided into two modules- each has 22 questions.
  • The exam duration is now reduced to 134 minutes from 180 minutes.
  • There is a time limit of 64minutes to attempt EBRW and 70minutes for Math.

Table of contents

  1. SAT Exam Pattern Highlights
  2. SAT Exam Pattern 2023
  3. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  4. SAT Reading Test
  5. SAT Writing and Language Test
  6. SAT Mathematics
  7. SAT Essay
  8. How to Prepare for SAT?

SAT Exam Pattern Highlights

The below table provides an idea about the SAT test pattern. Candidates will get to know about the duration, number of questions, score range, and more.

Number of sections

4 (2 EBRW; 2 Math)

Duration of exam


Number of questions


Score Range


Language of paper


Mode of examination


Negative marking


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SAT Exam Pattern 2023

The SAT question paper pattern is based on two main sections –evidence-based reading and writing, and mathematics.

Section Sub-section Number of Operational Questions Number of Pre-test Questions Time Limit (min.) Score Range
Evidence-based Reading and Writing Module 1 25 2 64 200-800
Module 2 25 2
Mathematics Module 1 20 2 70 200-800
Module 2 20 2
Total 4 Modules 90 8 134 minutes 400-1600

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

The SAT exam pattern of SAT EBRWconsists of reading and writing sections.

SAT Reading Test

  • One literary passage from American or International work of fiction like short stories or novels
  • One passage or a pair of passages from U.S. founding documents or Great Global Conversation on topics like freedom, justice, and human dignity
  • A selection of passages on economics, psychology, sociology, etc.
  • Two passages from thework of science
  • Students are required to read the passage and answer the question by telling a story or making an argument or explaining a study or experiment

Types of Questions

SAT EBRW questionsare divided into five categories:

  • Command and evidence: A total of 10 SAT reading questions comprise command of evidence questions. These questions test the interpretation of data presented in graphics, analysis of evidence, producing a link between text and graphics, and also understanding the author’s use of evidence.
  • Information and Ideas - This question type focuses on searching for direct or implied information, finding passages that describe the information, analyzing main themes, identification of summarization, and also analyzing links between ideas.
  • Rhetoric - Questions asking about the meaning, style, or tone conveyed by the author. The word choice questions are focused more on effect than definition. Text structure questions can be solved with structural strategies like cause and effect or problem-solution techniques.
  • Synthesis - Questions asking to draw conclusions and make connections between two passages or between passages and informational graphs like tables, graphs, and charts, accompany some passages
  • Words in context –In the SAT question pattern, words in context question focuses on the advanced vocabulary. According to College Board, the focus should be on ‘high-utility academic words and phrases’.

SAT Writing and Language Test

  • Requires students to revise and edit passages
  • Topics explored are career, science, humanities, history, and social science
  • Passage writing modes are narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory
  • At least one passage on each of the above writing modes is present

Types of Questions

SAT questions of writing and language are as follows:

  • Expression of Idea - Improve the structure, organization, and how the idea is being articulated in the passage as well as the overall effectiveness of language. The organization is a part of the expression of ideas. Herewhere candidates will be asked to place a particular part of the passage in the correct place. This requires picking up clues from the passage. Development questions focus on strengthening the passage by addition or eliminating of information. Lastly, effective language use focuses on a correct, accurate, and concise text.
  • Standard English Conventions - The SAT writing and language test focuses on the usage of Standard English conventions like agreement, conjugation, and word choice. The second point is a sentence structure that focuses on the identification of independent and dependent clauses, usage of transitions, and conjunctions.

Also Check SAT Language

SAT Mathematics

  • SAT Mathcomprisesof two sub-parts.
  • 44 questions to be attempted in 70 minutes
  • 40 operational questions and 4 pre-test questions
  • Grid in questions require students to enter the derived answers in the grids provided in the bubble sheet as shown below:

Scholastic Aptitude Test - SAT (2)

  • A set of formula and references are provided at the beginning of the test
  • The section is given specific attention for students going for science, technology, engineering, or math
  • Questions are framed in real-life settings on topics from science, social science, and career contexts.

Type of Questions

Math sections of SAT paper pattern comprise of questions categories into three different areas of math:

  • Heart of Algebra - create, manipulate and solve algebraic equations like linear equations and systems
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis - interpret graphs and table and solve problems in real-world situations using ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning
  • Passport to Advanced Math - Work on, manipulate and solve complex mathematical equations and function

Majorly comprised of questions from the above topics, the sections also have questions from additional topics in math which includes –

  • Area and Volume
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Basic Trigonometry

SAT Essay

  • The essay is optional but is required by most colleges to get a deeper insight into a student’s personality and his/her thought process
  • You must pay charges additional to the basic SAT registration fee to take the Essay section
  • Students are required to write an essay on the topic given based on a passage within 50 minutes
  • Students must consider and explain how the author evidence, reasoning and styling elements to make the passage convincing in their essays
  • Three separate scores on a range of 2-8 is given
  • The essay sections helps students assess their skills in –
    • Reading - how well a student could comprehend the passage
    • Analysis - how well a student analyzed the author’s argument in the passage
    • Writing - how well a student could structure his/her response

Types of Questions

The passage for essay in every SAT may vary, however, all the passages consist of the following points:

  • Written for a broad audience
  • Argue a point
  • Express subtle views on complex subjects
  • Use logical reasoning and evidence to support claims
  • Examine ideas, debates, or trends in the arts and sciences, or civic, cultural, or political life
  • Always taken from published works

How to Prepare for SAT?

  • To prepare for SAT, students can buy online study material from College Board during registration
  • Khan Academy is among the most renowned organization to help students in SAT preparation
  • Take practice tests provided by Khan Academy.
  • Download the Daily Practice App to make practice part of your daily routine
  • Analyze your practice tests regularly and work on the feedback received on the test
  • Consider studying from SAT exam syllabus PDF that is found in the guide to be clearer
  • Study from authentic SAT Preparation Bookslike the official study guide, black book, Barron’s.

The SAT exam syllabus for Indian students as well as the other countries is the same as explained. The SAT is an important exam considered for the undergraduate program. Candidates should practice from SAT practice papers to ensure a high SAT score. For candidates aspiring to pursue medical or engineering, the SAT exam syllabus for medical as well as the SAT exam syllabus for engineering is same as explained.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

SAT 2021 : 5 answered questions


Ques. Is 1160 a good score in the SAT to get a call from the IIM Ranchi IPM program?

Top Answer By Radhika Srivastava on 19 Jan 23

Ans. People with scores of 1500 or higher often aim for the IIM Ranchi IPM program. With a score of 1160, you may not be in a strong position to get a call from IIM Ranchi, but if you have strong extracurricular activities and good academic performance in the past (e.g. in 10th and 12th grade), you may still have a chance. If you do not receive a call from IIM Ranchi, you can still try for the IIM Indore IPM-AT program. You must keep in mind that IIM Ranchi may also consider applicants for the IIM Indore IPM-AT program. It's worth giving it your best effort.Read more

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Ques. Do I have to take the SAT for the IPM course provided by IIM or only for IIM Ranchi?

Top Answer By Yashluv Virwani on 19 Jan 23

Ans. IIM Ranchi has not disclosed a specific cutoff score for the SAT for admission to their Integrated Program in Management (IPM) program. However, according to an interview with the IIM Ranchi IPM admission panel, students who score highly on the SAT may be invited to participate in a personal interview. It is worth noting that this information is based on assumptions and research, and a score of 1400+ on the SAT may be considered a safe bet for admission consideration. However, it is also possible that a score of 1350+ could be sufficient if luck is on your side.Read more

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Ques. I got 1090 in my SAT attempt. Will my marks be eligible for the IIM Ranchi IPM program?

Top Answer By Juhi Gupta on 12 Jan 23

Ans. I am willing to give you my honest opinion in this regard. Your score is good but not at par with the competition posed during IPM admissions. I have seen scores higher than this while attempting to get admission to the IPM program. But don’t let this discourage you as Indore also conducts an aptitude test IPMAT and admission is based on that too. You can work on this exam and compensate for your past low scores. Another option to compensate for your low marks is to upgrade your extracurricular background. IIM Indore actively considered extracurricular activities during admissions. But in the end I will still ask you to depend on IPMAT mostly for your admissionRead more

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Ques. I'm in the ST category. I got 930 in my SAT. Is it good enough to get into IPM IIM Ranchi?

Top Answer By Ankur Shukla on 12 Jan 23

Ans. IIM Ranchi offers an IPM Program based on SAT / IPMAT Scores. The Expected Cutoff for IPM via SAT is 930. Apart from this, we don’t have many criteria to base this admission on. So the benefit of the doubt goes to applicants having SAT scores soaring at about 1100–1600. The admission criteria for other programs are more flexible as it is based on parameters such as 10,12, UG scorecards. So it’s highly unlikely that even high marks will get you into IIM Ranchi.Read more

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Ques. What will be a good SAT score to get into IIM Ranchi with decent academics?

Top Answer By Saurav Pandey on 11 Jan 23

Ans. The admissions to the IPM Program are based on SAT / IPMAT Scores. The Expected Cutoff for IPM via IPMAT is 265 / 300 . SAT Expected Cutoff for IPM Admission 2023 is as follows: Category SAT Cutof f General 1350 Other Backward Classes (OBC) 1050 Emotionally Weaker Sections (EWS) 1030 Scheduled Caste (SC) 930 Scheduled Tribes (ST) 930 Differently Abled (DAP) 800Read more

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