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Malus x 'Spring Snow': 'Spring Snow' Crabapple 1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2 Introduction 'Spring snow' crabapple is unusual in that it is typically fruitless. Its use should be limited in areas where scab, fireblight, or rust is a problem. The dense, oval crown grows to about 25 to 30 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide.

Spring Snow Flowering Crabapple

CRABAPPLE - MALUS SPP Common Name: crabapple Scientific Name: Family: Rosaceae Genus: Malus Species: M. spp. Hardiness Zone: 3 to 7 Height: 6 to 25 ft Width: 4 to 20 ft Common Characteristics: These cultivars are widely divergent in site characteristics, size, color, and fruit size.

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Malus × 'Spring Snow' Spring Snow Flowering Crabapple Family: Rosaceae (Rose Family) 232 Genus: Malus (Apple, Crabapple, Flowering Crabapple) 76 Plant Type: Tree 580 Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 497 Deciduous / Evergreen: Deciduous 807 Flowers: White (Sterile, single, white flowers in clusters; late April to May) Foliage:

Spring Snow Crabapple

Read on for tips on how to grow a 'Spring Snow' crabapple ( Malus 'Spring Snow') and other information. Spring Snow Crabapple Information Is a crabapple tree that doesn't produce crabapples still a crabapple tree? It is, and anyone growing 'Spring Snow' crabapples appreciate the fruitless trees.

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If you want a crabapple tree without the fruit, you should consider adding the Spring Snow Crabapple (Malus 'spring snow') to your inventory. In the springtime, this pretty tree blossoms with stunning white flowers along the edge of the branches. During the rest of the year, you will love the oval form and glossy green foliage.

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A highly regarded ornamental tree just covered in snowy white flowers in spring, a hardy fruitless variety with a tightly oval habit of growth; makes a beautiful accent in the front yard, very clean and tidy, needs well-drained soil and full sun Ornamental Features

Malus 'Spring Snow' Spring Snow Crabapple from Prides Corner Farms

« Previous Plant | Next Plant ». Malus Spring Snow Crabapple Crabapple, Spring Snow. Dense, upright oval. White flowers; fruitless.

Spring Snow Crabapple

Crabapples bloom in spring, usually in May, bearing flowers that vary a great deal in color, size, fragrance, and visual appeal. It is common for flower buds to be red, opening to pink or white flowers. The fruit ripens between July and November, and varies in size from ¼"to 2" long or wide.

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Spring Snow Crabapple. Spring Snow crabapple bears white flowers, but it is notable for its lack of fruit. Crabapples are small flowering trees that provide a showy display in the spring landscape for 1-2 weeks. In addition to the eye-catching buds and flowers, their foliage, habit and fruit make them attractive plants almost year round.

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Malus 'Spring Snow' : A moderate growing broadleaf deciduous tree with white flowers in spring. Attractive to birds. To grow well, it prefers sun and regular - occasional water. Grows best in well-drained and acidic soil. Plant type: tree Plant family: #Rosaceae Mature size: 20 FT - 25 FT - wide, 15 FT - 20 FT - tall Flowers: white blooms in spring USDA Zones: 4a - 8b Sun exposure: sun.

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The Spring Snow Crabapple tree ( Malus 'Spring Snow') is a charming, small, fast growing, deciduous flowering tree. It performs beautifully in the spring, providing a covering of snow white blooms. This tree also provides a fall color display to brighten up the short days. It is a fruitless variety. 'Spring Snow' is a moderately sized crabapple.

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If you decide to do this, choose a general 10-10-10 fertilizer because it has all the necessary nutrients for this tree. 6. Pruning Spring Snow Specimen Plant. Its erect branches are definitely something you'll love right away, but when the time comes (in the springtime) you'll have to prune it.


Scientific name: Malus x 'Spring Snow' Pronunciation: MAY-lus Common name(s): 'Spring Snow' Crabapple Family: Rosaceae USDA hardiness zones: 3 through 8A (Fig. 2) Origin: not native to North America Uses: Bonsai; espalier; large parking lot islands (> 200 square feet in size); wide tree lawns (>6 feet wide); medium-sized parking lot islands (100.

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Description & Overview A sight to behold, Spring Snow Crabapple explodes with fragrant, white flowers in early to mid-spring, accenting pretty, shiny emerald-green leaves. Fruitless, this cultivar is perfect for those who want the beauty of a crabapple without the mess of fallen fruit. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: Yes

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Malus 'Spring Snow' is a deciduous flowering crabapple tree from the Rosaceae family. It is highly ornamental, with its showy white flowers blooming in spring and its small apple-like fruits ripening in the fall.

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Spring Snow Crabapple (Malus Spring Snow') explodes with stunning fragrant white flowers in spring. The blooms are held profusely along its branches right to the tips. It's a marvelous display of pristine white flowers! Spring Snow was a breakthrough fruitless variety that does not produce any crabapples at all.