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6. Celery Salad. Celery Salad is a crisp, light, and refreshing salad that is packed with flavor. It is a great way to use up celery and can be made in just 5 minutes. The salad combines celery, red onion, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan shavings, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper.

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Instructions. Heat a skillet over medium high heat and add the pine nuts. Toast for 5-10 minutes, until golden brown, stirring occasionally and keeping an eye on them so that they don't burn. Meanwhile, thin slice your fennel and celery and chop the parsley - Add them all to a large bowl.

10 Best Celery Snacks Recipes

Recipe: Cabbage Casserole. This casserole manages to encapsulate a few things we love, mainly coleslaw and potatoes au gratin. With its Parmesan-breadcrumb topping and crunchy celery and cabbage filling, it somehow manages to be fresh and comforting at the same time. 09 of 15.


Instructions. In a food processor, process cream cheese, onion, pecans and pecorino. With a spoon, fill each celery cavity with a cream cheese mixture. Sprinkle with paprika and black pepper and serve!

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Celery is a low-carb snack. Many of these snack recipes with celery are excellent for those eating a keto diet or needing diabetic friendly snacks. Celery Nutritional Facts . Here are the nutritional facts for 1 cup of celery which is about 2 stalks of celery: 12kcal Calories . 1g Sugar. 0.2g Fat. 0.2mg Iron. 3g Carbohydrates. 81 mg Sodium.

Stuffed Celery with Cheese, Bacon, and Herbs (LowCarb) Diabetes Strong

Liberally. 6. Bacon Cranberry Walnut Stuffed Celery. This appetizer with celery stalks combines salty bacon and sweet craisins for a scrumptious snack. It turns out best if you can do the mixing an hour ahead of time so the garlic, onion and bacon flavors can combine before filling the celery!

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Bacon Macaroni Salad. Go to Recipe. Taste of Home. This pleasing pasta salad is like eating a BLT in a bowl. Filled with crispy bacon, chopped tomato, celery and green onion, the sensational salad is coated with a tangy mayonnaise and vinegar dressing. It's a real crowd-pleaser!

Outrageously Good Stuffed Celery A Southern Soul Celery recipes

We believe so. 13. Buffalo Chicken Celery Bites. Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks. Buffalo Chicken Celery Bites, stuffed with a light buffalo chicken salad and topped with ranch or blue cheese, are the ideal healthy appetizer or snack, containing less than 100 calories per bite.

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Cook the bacon over medium heat, stirring occasionally until crispy, about 15 minutes. Drain off the grease and place it on a paper-towel-lined plate to soak up any excess grease, set aside. Wash and dry the celery. Cut it into fourths, set aside. Place the cream cheese, bacon, cheddar, ranch seasoning, and scallions in a medium bowl.

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Pickle Potato Salad. This pickle brine-inspired dry rub turns potatoes and carrots crispy-creamy with pleasantly sharp vinegary tang. Toss them, still warm, with leftover shredded chicken and.

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Instructions. . Cut celery stalks in half and set aside. Using a food processor or hand held mixer, whip the cream cheese until smooth. Add in bacon, cheese, parsley, chives, salt, pepper and hot sauce. Pulse or blend until all ingredients are combined. . Using a small spoon, fill the celery "boat" with cream cheese mixture.

50 Low Sugar Snacks For Kids (and Everyone else!)

Prepare the chopped fresh herbs and lemon zest. In a measuring cup, combine the mascarpone cheese, fresh herbs, lemon zest and juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. Mix until well combined. Stuff the celery sticks with the filling. You can use a knife or spoon, but for best results, pipe the filling into the sticks.

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Clean each stick thoroughly. Celery can collect a lot of dirt so be diligent. Chop your sticks into the size you want. I like to aim for a length around 3-4 inches long. Choose your filling binder. Most often it is cream cheese because it goes well and is versatile. Add spices, herbs, veggies or protein.

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Thinly slice the red apple. In a medium bowl, whisk together the white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, maple syrup or sugar, and kosher salt. Gradually whisk in the olive oil one tablespoon at a time. In another bowl, toss together the celery and celery leaves with the apple, dressing, and Parmesan cheese shavings.

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Scoop the hummus into a ziplock bag. Cut the corner of the baggy, and pipe hummus on to each celery stick. Sprinkle the diced tomatoes, cucumber and kalamata olives on top of each celery stick. Sprinkle the feta on top, enjoy immediately or refrigerate and serve when guest arrive.

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California Chicken, Grape + Celery Salad. Lightened up chicken salad with crispy celery and sweet grapes is a good snack to keep you energized throughout the day. Tis can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for lunch box snacks or a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. Chicken + Celery Salad. Waldorf Salad.

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