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In recent years, commercial kitchens have recognized the need for more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly cooking oil disposal methods. The best choice for cooking oil removal is automatic and touchless. Restaurant Technologies' Total Oil Management system allows for easy, hands-free recycling of frying oil.

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We found the Oilmatic System to be very convenient, safe and reliable. They are accommodating to do business with and provide excellent service and pricing.". OilMatic builds 100% customized bulk cooking-oil systems that improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs for restaurants of all sizes.

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The FrySafe removes crumbs and fines to extend oil life and sustain high product quality. The LAKOS FrySafe includes a LAKOS CSX Separator, two collection vessels, and all the necessary valves and gauges for a complete cooking oil filtration solution. Flow Range: 50 - 6,125 US gpm (11 - 1,390 m³/hr) Maximum Pressure: 100 psi (6.8 bar)

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14%. High-oleic versions are higher in healthy monounsaturated fat. "Light" or refined olive oil. 14%. "Light" refers to color. The more refined the olive oil, the better its use as an all.

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Frontline International specializes in the design, production, and distribution of innovative commercial cooking oil management systems. With a strong focus on efficiency, sustainability, and safety, the company has established itself as a global leader in the industry. Our systems helps optimize oil usage, reduce waste, and improve kitchen.

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How it works: Step 1. Oil Management equipment directly connects to your fryers. Step 2. The Oil Quality Sensor takes a measure of oil health and sends a reading to your Kitchen Controller™ monitor. Step 3. Proprietary software provides analysis and triggers recommended actions.

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With our closed-loop system, press one button and the used cooking oil (commonly referred to as "yellow grease") pumps directly into your used fryer oil holding tank. Once the tank is full, a Mahoney Environmental truck will drain your tank - starting your fryer oil's recycling process. This touch of a button technology results in no.

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The FLO-CORP AccuTank Cooking Oil Management System offers the food service industry a full-service solution. From oil storage and tank filling to oil filtration and pickup, the system monitors every last drop of this valuable commodity. Categories: Aerospace, Agriculture, Chemical & Petrochemical, Environmental Water & Wastewater, Food and.


Our professionals can help design a custom cooking oil system for your kitchen based on the kitchen layout, the operation of your kitchen, and the volume of frying. We can install equipment for automated systems and standard systems which can be retrofitted to accommodate any establishment. Our custom cooking oil systems will help streamline.

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Frontline's M3 data management system, combined with the EZ Oil fresh-oil dispensing system and direct-plumbed waste oil equipment, now offers a tool that enables you to program your fryers to automatically top-off and filter oil—all in an effort to enhance the taste of your product and to ensure consistent results.

FrySafe Cooking Oil System LAKOS Filtration Solutions

DESCRIPTION. Our #1 tank installed in the US and Canada, the Space Saver offers MORE ROOM in LESS SPACE than most used cooking oil systems offered in our industry. The Space Saver replaces a typical 4' shelf rack with 70% of its storage space, all while holding almost 1400 lbs. of used cooking oil. Our customers enjoy the extra shelves, small.

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Oilmatic was founded with a clear mission: to create the safest, easiest, and most reliable method of supplying kitchens with high-quality bulk cooking oil. The first major development came when we designed our Dipstick, a cutting-edge tool that supplies oil to and from kitchens at the push of a button. The Dipstick eliminates the need to.

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Our cooking oil management system, an automated solution is statistically safer than the manual alternative and therefore can result in up to 15% savings on insurance premiums. Optimize your kitchen for greater efficiency. Get ready to satisfy your kitchen staff. Your employees will love it when you take away the worst task in the kitchen.

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Innovative Cooking Oil Storage Solutions. DAR PRO's industry-leading selection of used cooking oil containers is designed to make recycling grease easy. We understand your business has more important things to worry about. That's why we have designed our used oil tanks to meet and exceed our customers' needs regarding space, volume and features.

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BCOS can make this a reality in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our oil management system allows you to "add, filter, and dispose of cooking oil with the touch of a button". Our oil management system consists of food grade tanks, specialized oil transfer pumps, food grade hoses and piping, and stainless steel hot oil filtration carts.

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The AccuTank Cooking Oil Monitoring System takes the very best of process control and integrates it into a full-service cooking oil monitor for the foodservice industry. Starting with fresh oil, your product is stored in a tank that can't walk off easily. Through level monitoring, every last drop of oil can be accounted for as the tank is.

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