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Courtesy Cups is commited to supporting organizations that advocate for menstrual equity and destigmatizing periods. Affecting Policy Today, 27 states still tax tampons as a luxury item, 8 states provide free menstrual products in public schools, and pads and tampons manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients. We believe:

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Courtesy Products offers top quality hospitality in-room and operating supplies. We maintain strong relationships with many top brands, management companies, GPO's and other industry groups. If you are interested in purchasing our products, contact our customer support team at 1-800-325-4500. They will confirm whether your property has access.

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Cleaning your menstrual cup on the go is a hassle. Check out our portable menstrual cup cleaning kit - no electricity, no batteries, no boiling required!

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1. Clean your cup Before you use your menstrual cup for the first time and after the end of every period you should sanitize your cup. 2. Wash your hands Wash hands with soap and water. 3. Fold your cup Fold the top rim of your menstrual cup in half hotdog style, creating a tight C. 4. Insert

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1 employee Type Privately Held Employees at Courtesy Cups Erin Clune, M.A. Marketing Content Specialist at Crown Equipment Corporation See all employees Courtesy Cups | 20 followers on.

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The 8 Best Menstrual Cups An economical and environmentally friendly alternative for people with periods. By Starre Vartan Updated December 8, 2022 We independently evaluate all recommended.

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The electrifying new collection will brighten up your cup collection. Here's how to get your hands on the Spring Fling Collection.. Courtesy of Stanley. The Neon Quencher H.20 Flowstate.

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Courtesy Cups is the only cup brand that will be donating solely in the US. Sustainability. The average woman uses 240 tampon applicators a year, that's the equivalent of 960 plastic bags. Safety & Transparency. Pads and tampons manufacturers are not required to disclose ingredients. We believe you should know what's in your period products.

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Courtesy Cups is currently in the discovery phase, meaning Daniels is still researching and analyzing the needs of her product and customer base. But the product has gained recognition by placing in two entrepreneurship competitions: the Zip Pitch competition organized by UA's EX[L] Center and Stark Tank, Stark State College's version of.

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Fill the menstrual cup sterilizer with potable water Drop in a Courtesy Cups cleansing foaming tablet Use your spare cup while you wait (6 hours) Reinsert, no need to rinse (the case converts the solution to water and oxygen, so it's harmless to you and to the environment) Using the Courtesy Cups Cleaning Kit:

Wolverham Primary and Nursery School Courtesy Cup Winner

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Courtesy Cups is a company that provides menstrual products for women. It offers menstrual cups made of medical-grade silicon and a special carrying case for cup cleaning.

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A menstrual cup is in a folded position when inserted into the vagina, and it will pop open upon reaching the cervix, forming a seal. If the menstrual cup won't open, then you need to gently move your fingers around the cup's base to coax it to pop open. Image source: Pexels