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As everybody knows there is a wide variation in the protein content of various brands. Gold Medal bread flour averages 12.3 % protein; King Arthur bread flour comes in at 12.7 % protein. Other brands are all over the park, I even saw one local brand, which called itself bread flour had a low of 10 % protein .

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Riboflavin 10 %. Niacin 10 %. Folate 20 %. * Not a significant source of vitamin D, calcium and potassium. * *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Gold Medal Flour Bread Flour is high in protein with more gluten making the dough more elastic, perfect.

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The gold medal is engraved with a BREAD FLOUR. Higher protein Flour is used in our Bread Flour, because it produces more gluten than regular flour and absorbs more water, which improves the texture and lift of bread.. like all flours, is made from wheat that is low in protein. Protein content is 8% of protein, which is lower than that of all.

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Gold Medal™ Unbleached Bread Flour. 80 oz UPC: 0001600010640. Size: 80 oz. 80 oz 160 oz. Purchase Options. Located in AISLE 14. $649. SNAP EBT Eligible.

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The most popular flour in America by a landslide, Gold Medal flour is a picture-perfect kitchen staple.. One of the brand's greatest claims to fame is the 12.7% protein content of their bread flour. This gives dough the strength to stand and boosts a yeast-based project's chance of success.

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The most versatile "essential" pantry flour. With a medium protein content, you can use all-purpose flour in any recipe calling for flour, but it's ideal for cookies, muffins, quick breads, and pie crusts. It's strong enough for breads and mellow enough to create tender scones and biscuits. Bread Flour: 12.7% protein

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The slice on the left was made with Gold Medal "full strength 12.7% protein bleached and bromated" flour, produced for the commercial market, purchased on line in a 50# bag from The Baker's Authority, expiration 3-2021. (See note below for bleached vs unbleached.) The slice on the right was made with Gold Medal unbleached all-purpose flour, about 11% protein, purchased in the supermarket.

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Our Favorite Bread Flours. King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour. $4.95 for 5-pound bag from King Arthur Baking Company. King Arthur's bread flour is milled to a tight 12.7% protein content, and the higher protein (and more gluten) leads to a better bread rise.

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For instance, if you have Gold Medal Bread Flour,. Some people compare the gluten or protein content of King Arthur flour and Gold Medal flour to decide which brand they want to buy. For instance, King Arthur All-Purpose Flour has 11.7% gluten while Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour has 10.5% gluten.

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Bread flour typically has a protein content of 12-14%, all-purpose ranges from 9-12%, pastry flour contains 8-9%, and cake flour has about 7-8%.. Introduced in the 1960s by Gold Medal Flour, Wondra is made by a process called pregelatinization, in which low-protein flour is pre-cooked, dried, and milled into a super-fine powder. While it's.

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The total protein content of whole wheat flour is 13.2%, so you might think that, because of its high protein percentage, it would automatically be great for making bread. And it is, but with some caveats. Because whole wheat flour contains all parts of the wheat berry, including the bran and the germ, the gluten structure is affected.

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Product Description. Gold Medal Unbleached Bread Flour is unbleached and formulated from higher-protein wheat to produce exceptional bread results every time. Protein produces gluten, which gives the desired volume or chewiness required in recipes like bread and pizza crust. Gold Medal Unbleached Bread Flour absorbs greater quantities of water.

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Gold Medal and Pillsbury all-purpose flours combine hard and soft wheats to produce a protein level between 10 and 11%, making them ideal for cookies, pancakes, and pie dough, but also suitable for bread baking. There is 12.6% protein in bread flour. Protein content is 12.13 g. It has 1.22 g of fat and 2 g of fiber.

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Thiamin 15 %. Riboflavin 10 %. Niacin 10 %. Folate 20 %. * Not a significant source of vitamin D, calcium and potassium. * *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Our All Purpose Flour is ideal for almost all recipes, we think it works best with white.

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All-purpose flour is typically made from hard red winter wheat, which contains 10 to 13 percent protein, though many manufacturers mix in soft wheat, with a protein count of 8 to 10 percent, in order to meet protein specifications. You can actually feel the difference between the two with your fingers: Hard wheat flours tend to have a subtle.

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(Gold Medal, Pillsbury) National Brand Bleached All-purpose: 11: 9.5 to 12: A little too much protein for best pie crusts, quick breads, muffins or pancakes; too little protein to make ourstanding yeast breads.. Bread Flour: 13 to 14: 11.5 to 12.5: Yeast breads, pasta, pizza Durum Wheat: 13+ 13 to 13.5:

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