Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

The standard kitchen backsplash height is 15 inches, but you can go higher or lower. When deciding what the right backsplash height would be for your kitchen, there are many considerations. The first step is measuring the space you're working with and looking at the cabinets surrounding the area. If you have a 22-inch tall cabinet, you might.

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The standard height for a kitchen backsplash typically ranges from 18 inches to 24 inches between the countertop and the upper cabinets or the bottom of the kitchen hood. This range is considered optimal for most kitchen configurations and is widely accepted as a practical and visually appealing choice.

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While the standard height is usually in the 15- to 20-inch range, if you're on a budget, the magic number is 6. When designer Jaclyn Peters was reimagining avid baker Ashley Illchuck's space, she had good reason to scale down: Illchuck wanted to splurge on soapstone counters. The soft, stain-resistant material is roughly $150 per square.

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Depending on the users and the home, the required kitchen backsplash height can vary. The definition of a backsplash is the in-between space above the counter and under the upper cabinets on the wall. A typical height is 15″ and can also be much shorter or even taller. Varies according to the kitchen concept.

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Differing heights. In a kitchen with many items at different heights, I would still use the bottom of the cabinets as a main stopping point, with possibly a little exception at the range for a taller backsplash up to the hood. Ending at the windows would leave an awkward sliver of space below the cabinets.

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The standard backsplash in the kitchen, the area on the wall above the countertops but beneath the cabinets, generally runs between 15 and 18 inches tall for people of average heights. But more often than not, the backsplash is an afterthought and often is much shorter because of this. Bottom line: No set rules exist as to how high to place the.

Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

A standard height backsplash measures 4 inches from the surface of the countertop. In most cases, this will be a 4-inch high piece of stone from the slab you used for your countertop.. [Total: 53 Average: 5.0 /5] You must be logged in before you can vote. Prev; Next; Get your countertop estimate today! Start. Related Posts. Carrara, Italy.

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In general, the backsplash is installed to the height of four inches from the surface of the countertop. These backsplashes can be of any material or color, but we suggest that it compliments the cabinets and the countertops. A backsplash that reaches only four inches is a great option for cost-effective kitchen interiors.

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As its name implies, a backsplash is meant to catch those unexpected messes and make them easier to clean. The backsplash protects the drywall and paint from stains and spills. Therefore, a full height backsplash — covering from countertop to cabinet bottoms — offers more protection than one with an 4″ backsplash height.

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Pros and Cons of Full Height Backsplashes. Let's start with some of the minor 'cons' of having a full height backsplash. They may be more expensive. The standard 4" or 15" backsplash will be less expensive to install than full height. The trade off, however, may be the style, design or overall look you're hoping to achieve.

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Short backsplash. All the walls in the kitchen are painted, and just above the countertop there is a short backsplash, usually in the same material as the countertop. The backsplash should be at least 25 cm / 1 ft tall in order to protect enough the wall. But you can make it taller if you prefer. Taller backsplashes give the kitchen a fancier.

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A standard height backsplash uses a lot less material and doesn't require the same amount of labor as a full kitchen backsplash would. This will also be a cost-saving option if you've already chosen a beautiful but pricey countertop. Even if you're working on a budget-conscious project, don't let the standard height stop you from.

Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

The usual range of kitchen backsplash height is from 10.16 to 15.24 cm from the kitchen sink countertop to the wall above it . However, it depends on many factors. From the budget to the size of the kitchen or the preference of the homeowner, the kitchen backsplash measurement should be done. So, usually for the smaller kitchen 10 cm high is.

Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

A bathroom backsplash height ranges from 4-inch to 6 and 8 inches, and full-height backsplashes. This is rather determined by the faucet height or homeowners' aesthetic concerns regarding the bathroom design. In other words, in addition to the fact that a bathroom backsplash height is proportioned to the faucet height, the limitless color and.

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December 21, 2011. The height of the backsplash, the space between the countertop and the bottom of the wall cabinets, is often left as an afterthought by many kitchen designers and homeowners. It's rare in my experience that the client expresses an opinion about the backsplash height. However, If the height of the backsplash is not considered.

Full Height Backsplashes Pros, Cons and Options Stone Central

8-12 inches: This backsplash height allows you to use up to a 12-inch tile, which is a readily available standard size. The taller height also better protects the wall from cooking mess. 16-24 inches: A mid-height backsplash that starts to make a design statement. Often installed in sections behind key areas like the stove and sink.

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