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Prime (stylized as PRIME) is a range of sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks created and marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC.The range is promoted and founded by YouTubers and internet personalities Logan Paul and KSI.The announcement and the release of the product in 2022 was followed by a social media hype associated with these social media personalities, who have tens of millions of.

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Sustenance in Prime Drink Nutrition Facts Hydration. Prime Hydration contains around 825 grams of electrolyte, 10% coconut water, 250 milligrams of BCAA for muscle recuperation, cell reinforcements, and vitamin B. Here is an outline that shows the sustenance realities of Prime Hydration (One serving is 473 ml)

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Prime energy drink contains 160mg of caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar in an 8.4 fl oz serving. Prime energy drink is a popular energy drink that helps

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12PK / $29.99. Learn More. SHOP ENERGY. Welcome to your PRIME. Where great flavor meets function. Zero Added Sugar. 10% Coconut Water. BCAAs, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, and more.

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Furthermore, unlike the other Prime energy drinks that have a high caffeine content, Prime Hydration is caffeine-free.. Prime Hydration Nutritional Facts. One of the main reasons that Prime hydration drinks are so popular is because they contain way less sugar than Gatorade and have far fewer calories as a result.

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First, here's the nutritional breakdown for one (12-ounce) can of Prime's newest energy drink flavor, Ice Pop : 10 calories. 0 grams total fat. 55 milligrams sodium. 2 grams carbohydrates. 0 grams total sugar. 0 grams protein. 200 milligrams caffeine. This seems like a healthier option for an energy drink, being low in calories and having no.

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Prime was developed to fill the void where great taste meets function. With bold, thirst quenching flavors to help you refresh, replenish, and refuel, Prime is the perfect boost for every endeavor. We're confident you'll love it as much as we do. Humbly, the prime team. 10% Coconut Water; 250 mg BCAAs; B Vitamins; Antioxidants; Gluten Free.

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PRIME Hydration Energy Drink is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your energy and hydration. It contains natural caffeine, electrolytes, antioxidants, and B vitamins to help you stay focused and hydrated. Try the Strawberry Watermelon flavor or other varieties at GNC.

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It has 140 calories, 36 grams of carbs and 34 grams of sugar per serving. This makes it considerably higher sugar and calorie than PRIME, which has just 25 calories per serving and two or less.

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The base of both Prime drinks is filtered water and coconut water. They are sweetened with sucralose, and have electrolytes, B vitamins, and branch-chain amino acids. Only the energy drink has.

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Key Takeaways: Fuel your body with protein, carbs, and healthy fats for sustained energy. Incorporate lean meats, whole grains, and nuts into your diet to keep your energy levels up. Stay hydrated and snack smart to avoid energy slumps. Balance your meals with a mix of nutrients and enjoy antioxidant-rich foods for optimal energy and well-being.

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Guide: Prime Energy Drink Nutrition Facts Unveiling the nutritional profile of Prime Energy Drink is akin to taking a journey into the powerhouse of vitality. Let's break down the essentials, exploring the vibrant spectrum of ingredients that make Prime an optimal choice for those craving both refreshment and nourishment.

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Calories and other nutrition information for Energy Drink, Strawberry Watermelon from Prime. Toggle navigation Toggle search bar. App Database; Consumer Tools; Business Solutions;. Energy Drink, Strawberry Watermelon. Prime. Nutrition Facts. Serving Size: fl oz Amount Per Serving. Calories 10. Calories from Fat 0 % Daily Value * Total Fat 0.

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Prime Drink provides essential nutrients to support hydration and energy. A can offers vitamins, electrolytes, and low calories. Prime Hydration is the brainchild of the fitness-focused duo Logan Paul and KSI, developed to meet the nutritional demands of athletes and those leading an active lifestyle.

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12PK / $29.99. Buy Now. Zero added sugar 25 Calories 10% Coconut Water BCAAs + B Vitamins Antioxidants + Electrolytes Caffeine-Free.

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Calories and other nutrition information for Energy Drink, Tropical Punch from Prime. Toggle navigation Toggle search bar. App Database; Consumer Tools; Business Solutions; Contact;. Energy Drink, Tropical Punch. Prime. Nutrition Facts. Serving Size: fl oz Amount Per Serving. Calories 10. Calories from Fat 0 % Daily Value * Total Fat 0 g grams.

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