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Some of the best purple succulents from Echeveria Purple Pearl, through to the statuesque structure of the most purple cactus plants. the Prickly Pear.. Sempervivum tectorum is a low-growing evergreen succulent that looks similar to roses. It is ideal to grow in rock gardens because of its drought resistance and hardiness qualities. The.

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when it comes to gorgeous purple succulents, one of the most popular succulents is the hybrid succulent, Graptoveria Debbie showcases beautiful lavender leaves with a hint of pink. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil.. To keep your Purple Rose Tree happy, provide plenty of sunlight and water it regularly, allowing the.

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This succulent's two rose-to-purple thick, round, fleshy leaves are fused to form a split or rock appearance. It will blend well with any rock surroundings in your home due to its leaves' pebble-like texture. It is ideal for hardiness zones 9 to 11. 21. Sedum Purple Blob.

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Botanical Name: Echeveria Orion. Echeveria Orion is also known as E. 'Fiona'; this succulent creates a compact rosette of grey-green leaves with flushes of pink and purple in full sunlight. 33. Dragon's Blood Sedum. succulentdemet. Botanical Name: Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood'.

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Aeonium arboreum (also called tree Aeonium) is an evergreen succulent plant with thick woody stems, large rosettes, and showy yellow flowers. The species Aeonium arboreum is also called Irish rose, housetree leek, desert pinwheel rose, or tree houseleek.These large subtropical shrubs thrive outdoors in warm, sunny gardens or as indoor houseplants growing in pots.

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2. Echeveria 'Dusty Rose' Meet the Echeveria 'Dusty Rose,' a stunning succulent that captures attention with its powdery pinkish-violet leaves. It's a real crowd-pleaser with leaves that intensify in color under bright sunlight. The 'Dusty Rose' forms rosettes that can spread out and generously offset, creating a visually appealing cluster. 3.

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However, if you want your plant exhibit super vibrant colours, you must give it maximum exposure to the sun. If you are a pet owner, the Purple Pear is a great option because of how pet-friendly it is! Find out what there is to know about flowering succulents! 2. Echeveria 'Black Prince'.

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Graptoveria Debbie. Graptoveria Debbie' is an Echeveria hybrid whose rosette shows off a beautiful rose shape. This beautiful succulent has flashy, frosty, blueish-purple leaves growing in a rosette. Graptoveria "Debbie" can get up to 8″ (20 cm) tall with a rosette up to 8″ (20 cm) wide.

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The more sun this succulent is exposed to, the darker the purple. 10. Echeveria 'Afterglow'. This Echeveria members is identifiable by its fleshy, lavender leaves with neon pink edges. The afterglow is one of the larger succulents on this list (reaching a spread of roughly 16 inches).

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The Purple Delight is an elegant and understated purple succulent that grows like a rose from elongated branches. It has sage-green rosette leaves and a protective frost-like film coating that gives a beautiful marbled look. The fleshy rosette leaves range in color from light pink to white, and varying shades of purple throughout.

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Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop, Black Rose. Commonly known as Black Rose, Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop is a striking succulent plant with glossy leaves that are a deep purple-black color. The plant grows in a rosette shape, with leaves arranged in a circular pattern around a central stem.

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Echeveria 'Cubic Frost'. Echeveria 'Cubic Frost' is a purple succulent that grows up to 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It has lilac to pink lilac leaves, which can turn deep lavender when stressed. The leaves are distinctive, wavy, and fleshy with a thick wax overlay. In spring, it produces orange bell-shaped flowers.

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Echeveria 'Black Prince'. 'Black Prince' produces gorgeous purple rosettes that grow well indoors. botanical name Echeveria 'Black Prince'. sun requirements Full Sun to Part Sun. hardiness zones 9-12. This small stunner can be described as purple to dark brown, or even black.

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Aeonium arboreum 'Atropurpureum' is an evergreen succulent with magnificent rosettes of glossy, fleshy, dark-purple leaves. If grown in full sun, the foliage of this Aeonium turns almost black, adding incredible drama and interest to the garden or containers. In part shade, the rosettes are reddish purple with a green center. Attractive when not blooming, this Aeonium is particularly striking.

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1. Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg'. One of the most famous and widely collected succulents, 'Perle von Nurnberg' has a dusty purple glow that spreads to the margins of its leaves. The curved leaves expand outward from the center in a rosette pattern that can grow up to 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

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Anacampseros rufescens is a small succulent native to South Africa. It bears fleshy, dark green leaves with purple undersides. The leaves are densely packed, forming small clumps, and can grow up to 2 inches (5 cm) long. The green upper side of the leaves turns red when the plant gets stressed from intense sunlight.

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