Sumo Citrus®tree Shiranui aka SUMO Mandarin Tree Etsy Singapore

Sumo Citrus®tree Shiranui aka SUMO Mandarin Tree Etsy Singapore

Shiranui Mandarin Tree $36.00 There are 16 available. Shipping calculated at checkout. Quantity Add to cart Description FAQ & A 20" - 28" tall Shiranui Mandarin Tree All of our citrus trees are grafted unless otherwise noted Shiranui is the generic name for the variety also known as Dekopon.

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'Shiranui' Mandarin Orange is a Japanize hybrid between a Ponkan Tangerine and a Kiyomi. 'Shiranui' is a seedless, sweet variety of mandarin orange. 'Shiranui' is distinguished by its super sweet taste, large fruit and the large protruding bump on the top of the fruit. 'Shiranui' mandarin, peels like a tangerine, but is considered the most sweet orange available in the States.

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Only expert citrus growers are able to cultivate the notoriously difficult to grow Sumo Citrus® from a seed to a fruit-bearing tree. For the past 20 years, the passionate growers have perfected the cultivation of Sumo Citrus in California's San Joaquin Valley, maintaining the highest growing standards possible.

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About the Fruit The Shiranui "Sumo" Tangerine is a citrus gem that will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure delight. This extraordinary fruit is the result of a harmonious blend between a mandarin and an orange, offering an unrivaled combination of sweet and tangy flavors.

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Parentage: Japanese hybrid cross of a Kiyomi tangor and Ponkan tangerine. Season: Feb - Apr. Self-pollinating: Yes. Tree Size: 12 - 18 ft. Seeds: 0 - 6. Cold: Hardy. Description: Large, sweet seedless fruit with a "neck" at the top making it easy to peel. The fruit is medium-large in size, with firm flesh.

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Give Shiranui Mandarin full sun. It needs at minimum six hours of direct sunlight a day; the more the better. Well-drained soil is also important. If you have soggy soil, raise your planting bed by mounding up extra soil 18 inches high by three feet wide.

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Shiranui Mandarin Tree $40.00 Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with Learn more Size 1 Gallon - Full Size - Florida Only 1 Gallon - Full Size - Out of State 1 Gallon - Semi-dwarf - Florida Only 1 Gallon - Semi-dwarf - Out of State 1 Gallon - Dwarf - Florida Only 1 Gallon - Dwarf - Out of State

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Planting instructions. Those living in hardiness zone nine or warmer can plant their Shiranui Mandarin Tree in the ground by digging a hole that is as deep as the root ball is tall and about twice as wide. Anyone in a colder region should grow this plant in a well-draining container and bring it indoors when the temperature drops to 30 degrees.

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Available January — April enormously delicious® Find a store THERE'S ONLY ONE SUMO CITRUS. HERE'S WHY: Incredibly Sweet enormous easy-to- peel no mess seedless PRESS There's just nothing like it. Read the article > Off the charts sweet. -Kitchn Culture 6 Ideas to Savor Spring with Sumo Citrus The 18 Highest Vitamin C Foods to Add to Your Diet.

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'Sumo Mandarin' is another trademarked name for 'Shiranui'. In South Korea, it is called 'Hallabong'. In Brazil, it is known as 'Kinsei'. Shiranui / Dekopon was imported as budwood to California in 2005, and eventually made it to the CA fruit tree market in 2011.

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Shiranui Mandarin Store Locator Container Size: 5x12 The Shiranui is a Japanese mandarin hybrid between a Ponkan tangerine and a Kiyomi tangor. Its fruit is large, very sweet and produces no seeds making it a highly desirable fresh fruit. Be the first to review this product Item #7044. Availability Out of stock

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Sumo store display, February 2023. Shiranui is a variety of mandarin that was developed by researchers working for the Japanese government back in the 1970s, according to Citrograph Magazine. It was officially named Shiranui but also later gathered other names, such as Dekopon and Hallabong (in Korea).